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UNCCD COP 16 Riyadh

Restore Land To Preserve Hope For All

2-13 December, 2024 

 Billion HA

Land Degraded

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 Billion HA

Degraded by 2050 without action

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People impacted by desertification


 Billion Tons

Carbon stored by restoring land

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100 (Right).png

 Million HA

Droughts worldwide increase since 2020


About COP16

UNCCD COP16 will unite leaders from governments, the private sector, civil society, and global stakeholders to accelerate progress in sustainable land management. We'll explore the vital connections between land and sustainability during high-level sessions, including a Heads of States Summit and interactive dialogues.

Legacy of COP15

UNCCD COP15 adopted 38 Decisions, including on tenure, migration and gender, that highlight the role of land sustainability in addressing multiple crises through a united global pledge to boost drought resilience and invest in land restoration for future prosperity

UNCCD Convention

The United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), established in 1994, stands as the exclusive globally binding treaty that establishes a connection between environmental conservation and sustainable land management for development

About Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia Efforts

vision-2030 (1).png

Vision 2030

The Vision 2030 was unveiled in 2016 and is a long-term strategy to diversify the economy and move towards a low-carbon future. This vision is a proactive decision made by the Saudi government to tackle climate change head-on and improve people's lives inside and outside the country’s boundaries.


Following the launch of Vision 2030 in 2016, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken decisive steps towards a more sustainable future. Multiple major projects have been launched as part of the Vision 2030 including the Red Sea Project and NEOM which aim to foster a regenerative approach to our land, harmonizing with nature as the country grows and develops.

G20 Global Land Initiative

The G20 Global Initiative on Reducing Land Degradation and Enhancing Conservation of Terrestrial Habitats which was launched in November 2020, at the Riyadh Summit of the G20 leaders. The ambition of this Global Initiative is to prevent, halt and reverse land degradation and reduce degraded land by 50 per cent by 2040. Both a strategy and work plan have been developed and are under active implementation for this Initiative.

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Saudi Green Initiative

Inaugurated in 2021, the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) unites environmental protection, energy transition and sustainability programs with the overarching aims of offsetting and reducing emissions, increasing the Kingdom’s use of clean energy and addressing climate change.


As part of SGI, the country has set an ambitious but achievable greening aspiration to grow 10 billion trees in the coming decades, the equivalent to rehabilitating ~40 Mn ha of degraded lands. This ambition is amongst the highest globally while facing challenging natural conditions.

Middle East Green Initiative

The Middle East Green Initiative, launched in 2021 by HRH Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, intends to deliver the largest reforestation outcome in the world, which would significantly contribute to achieving the emissions reduction targets under the Paris Agreement and saving biological diversity that is being lost, in an approach known as achieving Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN).

The Middle East Green Initiative is aiming to increase cooperation and efforts in the region to restore 200 million hectares of degraded land, plant 50 billion trees and increase its vegetation cover by 12 times. The activities will help to reduce 2.5% of the global gas emissions heating up the earth, including the reduction and removal of 670 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which is the total amount of nationally determined contributions of all countries of the region.

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National Center for Vegetation Cover & Combating Desertification NCVC

The National Center for Vegetation Cover and Combating Desertification was established in 2019 with the aim of increasing green areas to combat desertification and rehabilitating degraded ecosystems. NCVC oversees the sustainable management and conservation for natural vegetation that exists in mountain forests, watersheds, mangroves, rangelands, national parks and also implements integrated projects to combat desertification. NCVC is also leading the planning of the 10 Billion Trees program under the Saudi Green Initiative.


​Events & Summits

EXPO 2030

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia achieved victory in the bid to host World Expo 2030 in Riyadh, under the captivating theme, “The Era of Change: Together for a Foresighted Tomorrow.” Riyadh is poised to craft an unparalleled Expo edition that will etch an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of its global visitors.

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The Road to Riyadh

Various events and debates will help build the momentum for consensus building, bold decisions, and hard commitments to be reached at CoP 16 in Riyadh. They include:

KSA Side Event at the UNCCD CRIC 2023

UNCCD Committee for the Review of the Implementation of the Convention CRIC21

KSA pavilion at COP 28 in Dubai

COP28 UAE brings the world together at a critical moment for global transformative climate action. To deliver on its ambitious agenda, COP28 will be inclusive, transparent, pragmatic, and results-oriented.

KSA Side Event in Davos at the World Economic Forum 2024 

The 54th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum will primarily focus on exploring the opportunities enabled by the new technologies and their implications on decision-making and global partnership.


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